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Collaboration and Computer-Aided Design Working with Drexel University to commercialize Government funded research. DesignBase Technologies is developing software products that allow efficient indexing, query, and retrieval of 3D computer-aided-design (CAD) models of physical components stored in large data repositories.

Supply Chain Management. We are developing a set of tools to help companies gather information about companies in their supply chains from publishing sources around the world. We refer to this product as Supply Chain Watch. Come back to this space soon as we will be supporting a demo of our software. Other Supply Chain Management tools are being developed to help companies understand the "risks" in their supply chains. A long term project relates to "options" those financial instruments used to help manage risk.

Web Services. This is a new technology that is capable of having a big impact on how companies build their Web/IT infrastructure. Currently, they require substantial resources to implement and manage. How will Small and Medium size Enterprise make use of this new technology?

Unstructured Knowledge, Information and Data. Databases are wonderful tools, when you can use them, unfortunately not everything fits neatly into today's database tools. This project is an outgrowth of Knowledge Trading Networks own needs to relate various "chunks" of information in a variety of ways.

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